Do you want to become a Master Coach of Pilates Matwork Myofascial Method?

Here you will find all the details about Myofascial Pilates Matwork approach.

“The scientific method, theoretical and innovational training make our school different and unique.”

– Fascial Training School –

Evolution: Neuro Myofascial Pilates

Myofascial Pilates Training is a method conceived, studied and codified by Ester Albini and Fascial Training School. The latest research on fascia offers a completely innovative vision of the roots of Pilates Method: everything becomes more scientific, simple, clear and functional.

The Method proposes the classical approach of J.H. Pilates through a new interpretation: the guide of the Myofascial lines.

You will learn a Myofascial system and, through the Anatomy Trains Myofascial Lines, you will immediately feel the benefits for you and your students.