Movement trainer for 25 years, my mission is to teach and raise awareness of people to move better in their body to stay healthy, with great passion and enthusiasm. Specializing in Pilates method training and Mind-Body movement approaches, with emphasis on the latest scientific research on my fascial training. Mindfulness facilitator and teacher for the Fascial Training School.


2021 FREE Fascial Real Emotion, Functional Training School

2021 Center for Spatial Medicine – Fascia, principles and applications in movement

2021 Pilates my fascial liv. 1, 2 and 3 – Functional Training School

2021 Mindfulness Educators – Facilitator in Mindfulness

2020 Master The back and its curves – Functional Training School

2020 Pelvic Floor Master – Functional Training School

2019 CPM Mind over Fascia, Karin Locher – Rimini

2017 Pilates Studio Equipment Trainer – Pilates Institute Geneva

2014 Pilates Special Populations, Kathy Corey Pilates, Geneva

2013 Pilates Matwork Instructor, Pilates Institute Geneva

2005 Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga Training, Geneva

2004 Chi-ball training

2002 Reebok FIRE, Reebok Flexible strength, Reebok Pilates

2001 Personal Trainer FISAF, Geneva

1999 – 2003 Several Reebok Step Masters, Geneva

1997 FIA-FISAF Instructor Fitness courses liv. 1 and 2, Milan

1993 University of Bologna, University Diploma in Tourism Economics, Rimini

1989 Commercial Technical Institute, Diploma of accountant specialized in foreign trade, Rovigo

Professional experience as a teacher:

LES MILLS National Trainer (France, Switzerland and Belgium):

2004 – 2008 Trainer for body balance
Body Jam, Body Pump and Body Vive Presenter

LECTURER for FIT, Geneva:

2004 -2008 Training for group fitness courses and basic module for Les Mills instructor preparation