Founder of Fascial Training School and a cofounder of Functional Training School Italy.

Creator of different training methods: FREE Fascial Real Emotion – Neuro Myofascial Training, Hamazon Workout (Functional & Myofascial Training), Pilates Myofascial Training, Woodpool Training, Body Ball Relaxing & Author of several books and DVD’s.

Throughout my 30 years of experience, my goal has always been to make people feel good, with their body and mind together, inseparable, as they really are. That is why I have always looked to improve my understanding of all the various aspects of human movement.

My motto is: “To make the best of your workout.”

I was a Les Mills, Reebok, Polar, and Airex BeBalanced trainer for many years, as well as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I have attained qualifications in posturology (Bricot, Mézières), Pilates (Polestar, Balanced Body, Fletcher, Hermann, Locher), the functional method, kettlebell training (London, IKFF), and Gyrotonic, going to the Unites States every other year to consolidate my skills. Each of these courses added new strings to my professional bow and to my training.

However, I was still me, just with a few more materials, methods, and professional contacts to call upon—and a little more experience.

I first discovered the myofascia thanks to a book by Thomas Myers. To be honest, I didn’t understand much of it, but I liked it. Things never happen by chance, but what matters, happens. This really is true! I followed my intuition.

I started moving from place to place, taking part in courses by Thomas Myers (USA, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands), by Michol Dalcourt (USA and the Netherlands), by Robert Schleip (Germany), and by Karin Locher (England and Switzerland). Each discipline does of course take time to be applied, absorbed, felt, and perceived. I entered the myofascial world on tiptoes, enriching it with classic Italian cheerfulness and light-heartedness—and above all living it.

And that is where the magic happened. I don’t know how else to explain it. In a random place, on an afternoon like any other, I was in Zurich, and I felt something change deep within me for the first time; it was as if a block that I hadn’t been aware of had been removed from me. Can I admit that? I went from euphoria to amazement and then to fear… and I cried.

That afternoon I realized that something had happened; I felt myself change for the first time, and my own perception of myself was no longer the same. In a word, I was free.

That is where the name FReE (Fascial Real Emotion) comes from, which explains in a single acronym what myofascial training really is all about. By working on the body more deeply than we are used to, we can understand things that are normally ignored and go unnoticed. By feeling my body and experimenting with a new way of using it, I discovered the meaning behind what I was doing and realized I had found a new key to movement. Welcome to the world of FReE. Happy reading!

Stay connected and FReE! Ester Albini

My Books

2019 Myofascial Training ISBN 978-1-4925-9470-3 – Human Kinetics
2018 Allenamento Miofasciale ISBN 978-88-98574-421
2014 GYM BALL ISBN-10: 8895197895
2012 Pilates – Le Regole del benessere  ISBN-13: 978-8895197630
2011 Allenamento Funzionale – Per rimanere sempre giovani GISBN: 8857302741
2011 Pilates per lo Sport ISBN: 8857302261
2009 Pilates con il WoodPole – ISBN: 8857300544
2008 PILATES PER TUTTI – ISBN: 9788895197050

Professional Formation

Z-HEALTH S-PHASE, Copenhagen, Denmark 2019
Z-HEALTH I-PHASE, Malmoe, Sweden 2019
Z-HEALTH T-PHASE, Colonia, Germany 2019
Z-HEALTH 9-S STRUCTURE Malmoe, Sweden 2018
Z-HEALTH R-Phase Movement Reeduation Spezialist, Phoenix 2017
CFSC Level 1  M. Boyle, Los Angeles 2017
FRC Human Movement Optimization, Dr. Spina Germany 2017
AIREX BeBalanced Funtional Training Mastertrainer         2015
TRX Force Leve II, Anaheim 2014
Gray Institute, Foundations of Movement Training,
Lenny Parracino, San Diego 2012
FMS Gray Cook & Lee Burton, Chicago 2012
Perform Better Functional Summit, Chicago 2012
Perform Better Functional Summit, Los Angeles 2010
Steve Cotter Kettlebell, London 2008
Istruttrice di Fitness con diploma della Confederazione Elvetica 2000
Personal Trainer SAFS, Zurich 2000
Nutrizione Diversi Corsi

Posturologie / Pilates / Gyrotonic / Osteopathy

CPM Mind over the Fascia, Rimini 2019
CPM Education the Bridge, London      2016
Anatomie Trains in Motion, Bern 2016
Fascial Dissection & Movement, Tempe AZ 2016
Anatomy Live, IOM Institute of Motion, Arizona 2016
CPM Touch for Change, Zurich 2015
Anatomy Trains I/II, Milan/Zurich 2013-2014
Osteopatia IOA, Switzerland2010-2012
Mézières, Stretching Globale, Milan 2009
Bricot, Posturologia, Rome 2008
Studio Anatomy Trains, Karin Locher, Zurich 2013
Matwork I-III Anatomy Trains, Karin Locher, Zurich 2013
Polestar Studio, Arlette Herzig, Basel  2009
Balance Body, Mat Annamaria Vitale, Rome 2008
Ron Fletcher, Towel Work, New York 2007
Pilates Reha Karolina Schmid, Zurich  2006
Pilates Reformer Karolina Schmid, Zurich 2006
Pilates Fusión, Barcelona     2006
Pilates Basic FIF Academy, Ravenna 2005
Gyrotonic Level I, Silvia Fossati,  Florence 2008
Gyrotonic Pre-Training, Nina Schneider Bern 2007 

Reebok Master Trainer
Reebok Nordic Walking, CH Zurich 2004
Reebok Core Pilates, USA Boston 2002
Reebok Flexibel Streng, USA Boston 2002
Reebok REP, USA Boston 2002
Reebok Martial Arts, D Monaco 2001
Reebok FIRE, USA Boston 2001
Reebok Core Bord, USA Boston 2000
Reebok Step Master Trainer, Switzerland 1999

Les Mills National Trainer
Body StepTM National Trainer 2001
Body AttackTM National Trainer 2001
Body PumpTM Instructor 2000
Body CombatTM Instructor 2000

Technogym Master Trainer
Kinesis 2005

Polar Master Guide
Aerobic / Step, Grecia 2002

Group Fitness
BOSU, Mägenwil 2007
Nordic Wolking SNO 2004
Flexi Bar, XCO 2002
Balance Motion 2001
SAFS Lizenz A 1997
SAFS Step Expert 1996
AFAA Step Instructor I Lachen 1996
AFFA Aerobic Grunddiplom Lachen 1994
Afrobics Basic I Zurich 1997- Schwinn Spinning Instructor 1998

Work Experience as Trainer in various Fitness Schools

SAFS AG Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports

Since 1998, I am Trainer at the SAFS AG in Switzerland operates in the following areas:

Basic Course (Functional anatomy, training theory) Instructor Toning, Aerobics Instructor u. Step.

FIF Federazione Italiana Fitness

Since 2005, I am with the FIF as a Trainer responsible for the following areas: Pilates, posture training.

Migro Switzerland

Since 2002 I lead various mini-workshops for Migro in areas such as: Toining, Functional Training, Boot Camp, kettlebell, Aerobi Circuit.

BGB Berufsverband für Gesundheit und Bewegung Switzerland

Since 2010 I lead various mini-workshops for BGB in the areas such as: Wood poles Toning, Functional Training, Boot Camp, kettlebell, Aerobic Circuit.

FITS Fitness International Training School
Sience 2002 I lead various courses for FITS di Geneva in the areas such as: Fascial Training, Pilates,  Functional Training.

FTS Functional Training School
Since 2005,  I am Trainer at the FTS operates in the following areas: Pilates Myofascial, FREE Myofascial Training, Hamazon Functional & Myofascial Training 

Founder of Fascial Training School

Technical Manager of Group Fitness
Centro Benessere, Rimini 2006-2010
Mantra Club, Viserba 2004-2006
Sportiver Input, Thun 2003-2004
ATHENA Fitnesspark, Solothurn 2000-2004
Troccadero Fitness, Kehrsatz 2000-2002
Fit & Relax, Herzogenbuchse 2000-2002
Training Center, Grenchen 1998-2000(Incluso Amministrazione e Contabilità)

International Presenter

FITS, Versoix 2018-2021 Pilates Convention- Women Sport

Rimini Wellness 2006-2018 Rimini
Robinson SAFS Fitness & Party Camp 2012-2014 Grecia Club Daidalos
FIF Convention Italia 2005-2013 Pilates/Kettlebell/Toning
SAFS Convention Zurich 2000-2013 Toning/Step/Bosu/Pilates/Body Attack/ Body Step/
Reebok Core Bord / Latino Afro/Body Combat/Latin Moves Explosion / Wild Latin Step/ Walking
Team Teaching FIRE mit Beate Misalek
B.F.Desporto Evento Lisbona 2004 Step/Dance/Flexibel
Naofit Istanbul (Tü) 2004 Step/Dance/Step
Naofit Ankara (Tü) 2004 Step/Dance/Step
HILLSIDE Istambul (Tü) 2003 Latin H./Flexibel/Marial Arts
BODYLIFE Karlsruhe (D) 2003 Step Latin House
BODYLIFE Erdingen (D) 2002 Hi Lo / Flexibel / Latin H./Polar
BODYLIFE Karlsruhe 2001 DJ Mix Impact/Wild Latin Step
FITS Geneva 2010 WoodPole/Kettlebell
FITS Geneva 2003 Step Latin Spice
FITS Geneva 2002 Flexibel / Latin House

Conceptional Show work

ATHENA Fitnesspark Solothurn 2002 Hip Hop/Dance/Step/Latino
Training Center Grenchen 2000 – 2002 per bambini/adulti
Fit & Relax Herzogenb. 2001 per adulti
Don Chauli Switzerland 1994 – 1996 Diverse Presentazioni televisive

Performances Dance Show 

Business Event WTC Zurich 2000 Afro/Latin/Funk
Business Event Kongr. Zurich 2000 Afro/Latin/Funk
Showgroup Don Chauli 1994-1996 Latin/Funk/Mix
Tour de Swiss 

Article in Magazines
La Palestra 2018 – Cosè la Fascia

Body Life Schweiz Edizione 5 2013 Silver Gym Special: Themen für Best Ager
Body Life Schweiz Edizione 6 2013 Functional Training – Praxismodelle

Trainer Magazin 2012 Erfolgreiches Training und Equipment für Zielgruppe 60+.

Performance, Ravenna 2009 WoodPole

Video Fitness System Schweiz 2012 (7 Mini-lessons for Studios)
DVD Stretching Pilates 2010
DVD Pilates & Stretch 2008
Diversi DVD Pilates con piccoli Atrezzi 2008
Video Pilates 2005