Strategy FEEL IT – Communication, Perception – Exploration and Activation – Arm Lines

Test: To check the effectiveness of this exercise, perform it with your right arm only.

Starting Position:

Standing up straight, bring your toes close to the wall and raise your outstretched arms to shoulder height, with your elbows facing backward. Place the palms of your hands on the wall, maintaining a gap between the wall and your chest. Hold your back and pelvis in neutral position.

Focus on – FEEL IT
Press your fingers and palms gently against the wall to create pre-tension on the Superficial Front Arm Line. If you concentrate, you should feel the activation of the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi.

Focus on – USE IT
Hold the position for 30 seconds to use the exercise as a perception tool

Elbows facing backward

Outstretched arms

Shoulder blades open

Back in a neutral position (On Active kite)

Now we retest:

Then step away from the wall and raise both arms above your head.
Do you notice a difference?
Normally the arm that has been activated is lighter, more active, and more reactive.

These activations are vitally important for the bodyweight exercises that you are going to do, such as movements in the quadruped or plank position, or exercises with barbells or kettlebells, because the contact points activate the myofascial lines to ensure the correct distribution of force, balancing one line against another and helping you to use the muscles that you really should be working. Use these types of movement in your warm-up.


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