It has no beginning and no end, it acts as a placeholder, you have to be comfortable there to feel free, it connects and supports all the contents of our body … do you know what it is?

It is the myofascial system

By fascia we mean a part of the connective tissue that connects and connects – wrapping them in a four-dimensional way – bones, muscles, organs, joints, including a neural dimension since it has a close connection with the central nervous system.

It is a TENSIONAL FLUID system which, to simplify the image, we can compare to the white skin that wraps the orange when peeling it and that separates and connects the individual segments.

The myofascial system, while constantly renewing itself, is damaged in the absence of movement, furthermore, with advancing age, the renewal process slows down somewhat … the fascia can felt like an old sweater and you stop being comfortable and lose elasticity.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to train this tissue and “keep it alive”: a correct training combined with movement accelerates the metabolism and strengthens the renewal process of the myofascial tissue. The result? Smoother movements and more efficient muscles. 


The fascia communicates as a single organ that affects a person’s health.

So, let’s learn to train it and keep it fluid and elastic with FREE, Fascial Real Emotion, the method conceived by Ester Albini based on 5 different and complementary strategies. Through this type of training it is possible to reset the integrity of the myofascial system, making it fluid, elastic, hydrated and efficient.

The FREE method is based on five key strategies that have been extracted and developed from two fundamental pillars:

my experience and science. Why use five different strategies?

Because each strategy has a different effect and stimulus on the myofascial tissue.

With this method I propose different types of key movements and exercises to comprehensively train your fascia.

The training is as varied as the structure of the fascia itself.

The structure of the fascia encompasses a variety of structural components that need to be stimulated in different ways (this cannot be missed in training): Use it or lose it!


Feel it: communication, perception,

ActivationMobility: functional mobility – communication

Stretch: Myofascial stretching

Energy: movement, elastic energy

Release: nourishment, myofascial relaxation.


Why is FREE important for you and for everyone?
 For your daily well-being, to feel light / or supple, fit, able to face everything.
To prevent injuries if you play sports, to eliminate tension and contractures, to be stronger and faster, but also to recover faster from injuries.
To eliminate tension, prevent pain, correct posture, be more mobile.

Last, but not least, what does FREE mean?
F = Fascial, the four-dimensional net suit that envelops us and gives shape
Re = Real, a real and specific work on fascial tissue
E = Emotion, because fascial work is emotional in every sense

Feel Free on your body!
Ester Albini