Beat – Have Fun Tapping

Strategy FEEL IT – Activation Starting Position and Movement

Adopt a half-kneeling position with your left leg forward. Start to tap your whole leg with your hands and then move to the thigh. Next, tap the side of your rib cage with your right hand, continue to tap your left arm down to your hand and then start vigorously clapping. Are you awake?!

Focus On:The action is a light tap to stimulate but not to leave marks or bruises.

Let’s test if there are any changes:

We have activated the whole left side and now we test the difference between right and left. Stand up straight with your legs hip-width apart and feel your right and left side of your body. Perform e squat movement, a walk, Bamboo stretch (side bend).

Has anything changed? Do you feel the left side more activated?Do you feel less tension?  If so (and I’m sure the answer is yes), let me ask you a question: If you can improve your ROM with such a simple exercise, why not use it to warm up before doing squats or the Pilates Roll Up exercise? This exercises work On: Systemic activationActivating the sympathetic autonomic nervous systemWaking up the mechanoreceptorsMovement preparation

This seemingly silly exercise is in fact fun and effective. It is much loved by my clients because it can elicit a smile in an instant. Tearing a smile today is really important to feel good.

We remind all fans that the book is published by Human Kinetics and is on sale online or in the best bookstores. See you soon Ester